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Customer Care
People in our organization struggle to consistently under-promise and over-perform.
Difficult customers are treated like a "hot potato" and handed off to someone else.
Customer complaints are not resolved quickly, responsively, and competently.
Follow up with customers is not prompt, consistent, and thorough.
On incoming calls, frontline employees don't take responsibility for ensuring the customer is tended to promptly and effectively.
Your company lacks a clear, step-by-step process for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.
All employees are not fully trained in how to meet customer expectations.
Your company lacks a consistent and clearly defined policy for customer care.
Customer issues escalate to where a manager must step in to resolve them.
When your company encounters negative feedback, there's not a process in place to act and follow-up.
Your company lacks a convenient way to get customer feedback on poor or exceptional service.
You've lost a customer due to lack of service.
Your company rarely records and reviews customer calls and client interactions for coaching purposes.
Your frontline staff doesn't ask for, and receive, help and support when needed.
Your company doesn't brainstorm ideas for growing better service with the frontline team.
Your frontline staff is not empowered to take personal responsibility for the satisfaction of customers.
Internal customers are not treated as professionally and as responsively as external customers.
Frontline staff don't listen to and question customers in order to understand what they want.
Frontline staff do not place customer needs ahead of rigid policy.
Company customer care policies are not regularly reviewed for rigidity and updated if required.
Customer issues not resolved in the moment are not tracked and followed up thoroughly and promptly.
Brand Integrity/ Team Dynamics
Employees in your company don't consistently think, speak, and behave in ways that strengthen the work culture and customer experience.
Brand strategy doesn't enable us to define our culture and engage
employees to deliver more profitable business results.
We don't set clear expectations for employee performance within our company brand.
We don't have a model to deliver a "wow" experience that attracts more customers and creates dedicated fans.
Growing Existing Accounts and Retention
You don't have a repeatable process for increasingly growing current client relationships.
Your company doesn't know the economic impact of mediocre interactions.
You aren't hitting client retention goals or don't have goals.
Your company doesn't have a proven system to personally impact client retention.
You don't fully engage customers and need to increase wallet share with clients.
You're not efficient at making clients aware of other solutions you provide.
You don't know how to behaviorize core values.
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